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Mike Russell owner of Peak Fitness Club

Mike Russell


I’ve always been into health and fitness, beginning with sports as a child. The field has always been an area of interest and I obtained a BS Degree in Exercise Science in 2003 from the University of Salisbury, located in MD. After managing a trio of Power House Gyms on the Eastern Shore of MD, I moved to Florida in 2014, taking a training position at Peak Fitness Club. The next 7+ years were spent building relationships and a training book of regular clients. I love working with clients from all backgrounds, all with unique goals. My training services include general programming such as targeting weight loss or improving lean muscle. This makes up the bulk of my clients, but I specialize in pain management through stretching and manual therapy. This has widespread effectiveness ranging from everyday knee/neck/back pain to specific neurological conditions. I believe each client is unique in their history, what they want to accomplish, and the best way to reach personal goals. Through this approach, customized programs are designed that are traditionally much more effective due to their appeal and results they obtain, making them exponentially more sustainable.

Sarah Dillon coach at Peak Fitness Club

Sarah Dillon


Passionate about fitness and dedicated to empowering individuals on their wellness journey, I am a seasoned fitness professional with a diverse background.
With extensive experience in cycling, kickboxing, yoga/flow, boot camp, and dance instruction, I bring a dynamic approach to fitness. I am adept at tailoring workouts to suit individual needs and preferences.
Beyond the physical aspects, I excel in building communities within fitness spaces. Recognizing the importance of a supportive environment, I foster a sense of camaraderie among participants. My ability to create connections not only enhances the workout experience but also contributes to the overall wellbeing of each member.
With a commitment to continuous learning and a passion for helping others discover the joy in movement, I am dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those I work with.

Nikolas Millioto coach at Peak Fitness Club

Nikolas Millioto


I am certified through Dr. Brent Brookbush DPT with the Brookbush Institute as a Human Movement Specialist and have been using corrective exercise techniques on clients for over 6 years. I have no weaknesses in my training portfolio. Whether it’s fat loss, muscle gain through hypertrophy training, gaining strength, coming back from an injury, reducing the likelihood of injury, sport specific training, gaining overall speed, gaining explosiveness, or gaining overall mobility and flexibility, I have helped hundreds make it to any of their personalized goals.

Noah Gobin coach at Peak Fitness Club

Noah Gobin


Noah is a NASM Certified Trainer who can help a wide-range of clients. From pre-teens on up, Noah has the experience and knowledge to create effective workout programs that are tailored to the individual’s goals while taking the client’s unique preferences or limitations into consideration. Noah is available throughout the day and specializes with those who are just getting started on their fitness journey.


Allana Ierace


I am a certified personal trainer specializing and developing simple and effective training Routines. My journey has led me to a engage in a more active lifestyle that includes hiking, weightlifting, running, and cycling. I believe in functional fitness-training my clients for life’s everyday challenges, not just the gym. 

I am deeply passionate about helping clients get fit and stay motivated on their fitness journey. Also certified in nutrition, I am vegan and follow a whole food, plant based diet. My philosophy- “let food heal you not kill you.”

If you don’t see me here in the gym I am most likely tending my veggie garden!

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