50 Day Challenge

Just starting out?
Looking to change things up?
Need structure and accountability?

Commit to Peak’s 50 Day Challenge, follow the program, and see YOUR results!!

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Why a 50 Day Challenge?

Change is tough. Making a decision to start a workout program is a big step…
…but then what do you do, how often, what about outside of the gym?

These are ALL covered by our 50 Day Challenge!

By the end of the 50 days, you will have been exposed to, and likely have an understanding of, the different factors when it comes to a sustainable change in your health and fitness…make the commitment and start today!

Provided Workouts

Take the guesswork out of planning your workout. Each day you'll have access to a different workout program for that day to ensure you get the movement requirements in for that day.


You will have a network of fellow participants and trainers to connect with about your progress and goals. There is nothing more motivating than working in a team to push each other to your fullest potential.

Expert Coaches

Our trainers are experienced, educated, and certified to work with a wide-range of individuals. They know how to work around any obstacle(s) you may face in order to ensure an effective workout.

Prolonged Success

Peak Fitness Club’s 50 Day Challenge is designed to lay the foundation for sustainable progress and continued improvements. Once the Challenge is completed, you'll have all the tools to continue your journey, and we'll be here to help, when needed!

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